Job reference: 002263
Salary: £38,109 per annum
Closing date: 24/03/2023
Department: School of Advanced Study
Location: London Senate House
Employment type: Fixed Term
Sub-Department: Institute of Philosophy (IP)
Hours Per Week: 35 hours per week

Job Description

Jacobsen Fellowship in Philosophy 2023

Thank you very much for your enquiry regarding the Jacobsen Fellowship in Philosophy.


1.            The Jacobsen Fellowship in Philosophy, tenable at the University of London, is provided from a gift by Mr J A B Jacobsen and is offered for research in Philosophy in the general field of ‘The personal and impersonal character of life in the universe and the human person’.  The research of former Fellows has included Philosophical Issues in Psychology and Psychiatry; Universals and Particulars; Philosophy and Language in Classical India; Time, Mind and Memory; Feminist Questions in Epistemology; Anti-realism in the Philosophy of Mathematics; The Nature of Fiction; and the Philosophy of Spinoza. The Fellowships are awarded by the University on the recommendation of the Jacobsen Panel, which acts as a Selection Committee.

2.            A Fellowship is tenable at a College of the University of London for a period of up to two years; continuation for the second year being subject to a satisfactory report and recommendation to the Jacobsen Panel from the Head of the Department or Departments in which the Fellow is based (see below). The Jacobsen Fellow will be expected to work from the Institute of Philosophy in Senate House, where desk space and IT facilities will be provided.

3.            A Fellow is required to submit a short interim report to the Jacobsen Panel towards the end of the first year of tenure, and a fuller final report at the expiration of tenure of the Fellowship.

4.            All published papers containing the results of researches carried out with the aid of the Fellowship should include a statement to the effect that the author was holder of a Jacobsen Fellowship in Philosophy at the University of London.

5.            The value of the Fellowship will be related to the non-clinical research scale and will be £38,109 per annum (inclusive of a London Allowance).  Employer superannuation costs are met. 

6.            A Fellow must undertake a full programme of original research approved by the Selection Committee, and must not accept any other award or undertake paid work without the consent of the Selection Committee.  Such consent will not normally be given, except where the Fellow wishes to undertake teaching duties not exceeding on average four hours per week at a College or Institute of the University.

7.            A Fellow must hold a doctorate or have effectively completed their doctoral thesis at the start of tenure of a Fellowship.

8.            A Jacobsen Fellowship may not be held whilst on unpaid leave from a permanent, pensionable post.

9.            The candidate may request a delay to the start of the Fellowship or up to a year’s leave during the Fellowship (unpaid) for parental leave.

10.         A Fellow is required to participate in the activities of the Institute of Philosophy and the Philosophy Departments of the University. For employment purposes, one College will take responsibility for the employment of the Fellow. Payment will be made to the College by the University in quarterly instalments, subject to the arrangements for continuation for the second year as set out in Paragraph 2.

11.         Applications are invited by advertisement and must be submitted at the latest by midnight GMT on Friday 24th March 2023 via the University of London vacancies page:

Applicants must upload: 

a.) cover letter including the applicant’s contact details;

b.) CV;

c.) research proposal (MAX 1000 words);

d.) writing sample (MAX 5000 words);

Please disregard the ‘application form’ upload field when applying.  You are only required to upload the above four documents.  Please also note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

12.         Applicants must ensure that 2 letters of reference be sent to the committee in support of each application.  Letters of reference must be sent directly from the referee and should be sent to using the subject header 'Jacobsen Fellowship reference -[applicants name]'  Applications received with no letters of reference will not be considered. 

13.         Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend at Senate House for interview with the Selection Committee.

Further Information
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